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Who We Are

PEEC is an independent company that specializes in creating innovative and cutting edge solutions that advance women in STEM, drive systemic change while promoting organizational success. Established in 2014, PEEC focuses on helping women overcome gender barriers, foster change through in-depth research and practical tools to accelerate them into leadership positions.

What We Do

At PEEC, we provide STEM solutions to both private and governmental organizations. Our services include identifying the best strategies that organizations and individual business leaders need to access and leverage the best talent. We follow through with engaging them in leadership programs. We pride ourselves on being local to our South-Eastern Clients to give more personalized services and pay attention to detail to our clients set us apart from others.


Located in Atlanta, Georgia, PEEC is privately owned and designed to be a pipeline for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professionals with a special interest for Veterans, Women, and Minorities.

We combine years of experience with extensive research to examine employees’ experiences, while also revealing the gaps in women’s and men’s skills at work. Our tailored solutions are geared towards exploring the barriers to identify and overcoming them, creating enhanced productivity for our clients.

The size and scope of a PEEC program requested by each partnering organization varies by needs and resources. PEEC will work with your organization to design a program that is right for you. Our pricing is dependent on a variety of factors because no two programs are the same.


Base Price

Measuring Unit

Consultation$15060 Minutes
Professional Development$25Per hour / Per Instructor
Curriculum Development$50Per Daily Lesson Plan
Curriculum Implementation$75Per Modeled Lesson
Lego (We Do and NXT) Training$150 Per Hour
Start up a Robotics Club $75Flat Rate
STEM Kick-Off Night for the Community$150Flat Rate
Mini-Engineering Professional Development $150 Per Hour
Mini-Engineering Curriculum Development$45Per Daily Lesson Plan
Mini-Aerospace professional Development$150 Per Hour
Mini-Aerospace Curriculum Development $150Per Hour
NXT Robotics Kit + software*Efficient (Highly suggest)$875 per kit x 8 kits = $7000/year
Ev3 Robotics+software Newest $939 per kit
P.E.E.C. Consultant Fee180 Student Calendar Days$300/month/ per consultant**
Employees Fees , includes volunteersFederal Background Checks & travel$100/month/ per employee + one time $35 APS background check***
Grant Proposals$100 per page/joint ventures
$300 per page for sole projects
including searching fee
Minimum five (5) page
Imagine Your STEM Future CurriculumEach Girl $258 hours over 9 week period - During Club Hours
Reptile Experience with Dr. Misty$250*rate subject to change based on availability

*Please note that these are base prices and they are subject to increase
**Robotics may require 2
*** discount applies for multiple employees per event

Choose Date,Time and Consultant

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